Student Leaders    Kruize Murray-Faulkner - Head Boy
What a hectic year it’s been so far! I’ve drunk more coffee in the first half of this year than I did throughout the whole of last year, just to cope with my new timetable. The warmth of my bed often tempts me to remain under its covers, however, jumping out of bed to be granted a smile from those that I help are much more tempting. A few things I am blessed to be a part of:
  • Troupe Waihi 
  • Junior Mentoring
  • Waihi Youth Centre
  • Breakfast club
 My aim this year is to establish strong relationships with as many peers as I can, offering support, time, and love, whether it is through the groups that I am a part of, or through my personal efforts.
Student Leaders   Kate Dunstall - Head Girl
What an honour it was to be elected as Head Girl for 2015. Some of the things I have been involved with are:
  • Head of entertainment for the ball committee
  • Represented our school at the 100th anniversary of ANZAC day
  • Captain of the First Xl girls Hockey team
I am wanting to achieve an increase in school spirit and giving people more opportunities. 
Student Leaders   Marc Everson - Deputy Head Boy
As Deputy Head boy for 2015 I am excited for the year ahead and am looking forward to getting involved with as many different aspects of the school as possible and being involved with different people from all over the school. A little bit about myself, I get involved with activities all around the school such as
  • Mentoring
  • Captain of the College A boys basketball team
  • Captain of the 1st XV Rugby boys
  • Coaching
I am also looking forward to working with my student leadership team and we hope to make a lasting positive change to Waihi College environment. 
Student Leaders   Alyssa Thurston - Deputy Head Girl     
To only be this far in the year and already have a sense of achievement academically and socially is a great feeling. It is also great to not only be part of the great 2015 Senior Leadership team but to be part of a fantastic school filled with fantastic students and teachers for 7 years. As well as trying to achieve my goals throughout the year like keeping my grades up I also gave myself goals to give back to the students; so I started up Waihi College’s very own Cheer Squad where we aim to support all school teams competing in events and even compete in our own cheer comps. Other initiatives I take pride in are:
•             The Senor Girls A Basketball team,
•             Helping out in the ball committee
•             Co-Chairman of the senior council where we try to give back to the students.
•             Teaching Dance outside of school.
As well as aiming to have good marks, I also aim to get to know most people at Waihi College and be a friendly and supportive role model.
Student Leaders   Amy Fry – Academic Leader
My goal this year as Academic Leader is to promote academic success within the school, and to be something of a role model for younger students. I believe that academic success doesn’t always come in the form of an excellence endorsement; it can be getting into the apprenticeship you’ve always wanted or passing an exam that you worked so hard for. All students at Waihi College are given the opportunity to strive to be the best they can be, they just have to really want it.
Things I’m involved in this year:
  • Mentoring in a year 7 class
  • Events such as the academic quiz
  • Co-captain for the girls 1st XI football team
  • Supporting and acknowledging the academic achievements of my peers
Looking back on my time at Waihi College, I wouldn’t change a thing. All of my successes and failures have shaped me into who I am today and with the help and support of my teachers and family, I hope to achieve my dream of attending Auckland Uni next year.
Student Leaders   Josaye Frew – Cultural Leader
It’s such an honour to be selected as the cultural leader for Waihi College 2K15. Being involved throughout numerous things at Waihi College during my years her it has given me a great sense of pride in everything I do. I hope to achieve everything I do and everything I’m involved with to a high standard. Things I’m involved with:
  • Head of ball Committee
  • Talent Quest
  • Co-captain of 1st Xl girls football team
  • Waihi College Band
  • Mentoring a year 7 class
My goal this year is not to only be the best Cultural Leader I can be but to also get involved in all school activities.  My team and I have high hopes for this year and hope to makes an everlasting mark on Waihi College 
Student Leaders   Storm Murray-Faulkner- Sports Leader
I am the 2015 Sports Leader for Waihi College and I have set the goal of earning the title and being remembered as the “BEST SPORTS LEADER IN HISTORY! “Things I’ve been involved in:
  • #1st XV as a Vice Captain
  • #Interhouse sporting events
  • #Youth Week
I want to show you that a sport doesn’t evolve around physical ability and is enjoyable by just giving it a go, stepping out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new. 
Student Leaders   Justine Hollis - Service leader.
Hey guys! My name is Justine Hollis and I’m the service leader for Waihi College this year. I’ve had an amazing start to the school year and the service sector of Waihi College has already taken off. We have had Valentine ’s Day fund raisers, SADD week, The 40 Hour famine, and a can drive mufti day that have all been  successful service projects. Different things I’m involved with include:
•             Head of the SADD committee
•             Leo club member
 This year in regards to service I hope to boost service within the college, have the school community become more involved with the local community and maybe inspire students to always be keen to volunteer and do something for others. I hope I can do my part to give back to the school for all the opportunities and support my teachers have given me.