“All students who come to Waihi College will be given the opportunity to excel in the many programmes and activities provided by the school and to develop as well-rounded, productive citizens. We will ensure that the educational needs of this unique rural community are met in a caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere.”

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  • Year 13 Camp 2015

    Waihi College Year 13 Camp 2015


    Year 13 camp was an awesome experience! We learnt many valuable leadership and team based skills that we can apply throughout our school year. Some fun aspects of our time away were our swims in the water hole and the skits on the final night, they were hilarious! Whilst we were away the teachers accompanying us were on the lookout for our 2015 house leaders and I would like to say congratulations to the 8 that were given the roles!

    To all the current year 12 students, I highly recommend going to year 13 camp! You'll be surprised how confident you have become in all the years you have spent in Waihi College, and you'll get to express your opinion to adults that genuinely value and appreciate it! You also become closer as a year group and I personally am very excited to be spending my final year with such an amazing group of people! Thank you Mr. Wells, Mr. Oudes, Mr. Hunt, and Ruth Parsons for visiting us and sharing your knowledge. Finally I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mr Hennessy, Mr Tait, Mr Smith, Mr McNeil and Mrs Hill, because of you this camp was such a success! By Amy Fry.  

  • Information for beginning of school

    Welcome back!

    Here are the key dates for the start of the year:

    Uniform Sales:

    22 January  4:00pm - 6:30pm

    27 January  9:00am - 12:00noon and 4:00pm - 6:00pm

    28 January 9:00am - 12noon

    Start of year:

    29 January     All year 7 students                     8:45am - 12:00 noon (Assemble in hall)

    (Buses will run in the morning and at 12:15pm and students must come in Uniform and bring their togs)

    30 January     All year 7 students                     Normal school day

                        All year 8 - 10 students               8:45am in Hall (Full school uniform)

    2nd February  All year 7-10 students                 Normal School Day

                        All year 11 - 13 studentst            8:45 in school hall

    Course Confirmation

    Year 13 will be completed at School camp         January 28 -  January 30

    Year 12 with JHA                                           January 29 9:00am - 12:00noon

  • Holiday Office Hours

    The official holiday hours for the school office are:

    Open till Thursday 18th December 12:00pm and then reopen on 21st January from 9:00am to 4:00pm

    Merry Christmas everyone and keep safe!

  • Stationery List 2015

    Stationery lists for 2015 are available here

    We encourage you to shop locally or use www.theschoolstore.co.nz

  • Junior Prizegiving

    Year 7 and 8 Prizegiving is held on Thursday 11th December at 9:30am in the school hall. Immediately after the prizegiving students will be released to go home with their parents. Buses will be running at Midday.  

    Year 9 and 10 Prizegiving is held on Wednesday 10th December at 1:45pm in the school hall. This is the final day for these students.


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