Waihi College International Student Voice

Student Voice

Students from all over the world spend time at Waihi College. They come for different reasons but all agree that the time they spend here is special and creates memories that last a life time. Hear what some of them have to say:
Student Voice       Mahiro              Japan
Hi I’m Mahiro from Japan. I like Waihi College because we have outdoor class. Japan school doesn’t have it. So I had a good time in Outdoor Education. In Japan we must study hard but here, I can study many interesting things. New Zealand has many nature and nice beaches so I can breathe in fresh air and I can do some sea sports. Someday I want to invite my family to Waihi and New Zealand.
Student Voice   Matthias          Austria
Wow! What an incredible time it has been for me at Waihi College. By now it is almost four months full of awesome experiences and amazing people to share with. Once you have fully arrived in Waihi, you don’t want to leave this place anymore. I am glad that I chose to come to Waihi. There are heaps of different things to do around here and through school trips I got to see pretty much all of them. Never before have I received so many positive impressions at one time. Kiwi life is inspiring and everyone who has the opportunity to check it out – should definitely do so!
Student Voice   Mathilde         Norway
My time in New Zealand has been amazing. Doing an exchange and coming here is definitely the best decision I’ve made in my life. I love Waihi Beach and I’m happy I made the decision by coming here. I’ve met so many cool people, made so many memories and just experienced a lot! The beach has been a big part of my stay. I’ve learned to surf and it’s one of the things I enjoy doing the most. I’ve had so much fun and met people I can call friends for life!
Student Voice  

Hannes            Germany
This is pretty much one of the best times of my life. New Zealand is such a friendly and relaxed country and the people are just amazing. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make friends. I really enjoy the school because it is not as strict as German schools. Also it’s a lot of fun to meet up with kiwi friends and I always have a good laugh. The landscape is so beautiful and the beaches are really nice. My personal favourite places are The Bay of Islands and Queenstown. If I thought about it I could live there.

Student Voice   Gabi                 Brazil
I had a great time here it was the best experience of my life. I met new people, I learned new things. I really will miss Waihi College, Waihi Beach and New Zealand. Forever in my heart.
Student Voice   Robin               Germany
Waihi is awesome. The school is relaxed, everyone is friendly and the deep fried mars bars are perfect. I’m so happy here and I want to stay forever. Surfing is amazing, but the mountain bike tracks are very cool too. We’ve even got one in the farm unit, the school owns. I’m having fun in every subject and all the teachers are very nice. Diana and John are very helpful and go out of their way to keep us happy. The trips are all great fun and worth doing. If you love being active or if you prefer just relaxing and hanging around with your friends, I think that Waihi is the perfect place for everyone.
Student Voice   Janine              Switzerland
My name’s Janine and I am from Switzerland. I spent a year in New Zealand at Waihi College and it was the best time of my life! The school is so cool, I could choose from many different and interesting subjects which we don’t have in Switzerland. And now I’ve also got friends from all over the world and of course New Zealand! The teachers were always helpful and I never had any problems with schoolwork or English. The best thing was that we made many cool trips with the school where we could see all of the country and get heaps of experiences!
Student Voice   Andrine           Germany
My name is Andrine and I come from a small town called Ludwigsstadt in Bavaria, Germany. I really enjoy my time at Waihi College. I found friends here and school it is so much fun. All the subjects are so great; in Outdoor Education I learned how to surf and in catering you learn how to cook. I stay at the beach and I love it. My host family are awesome and we have a lot of fun together. Coming here was the best decision I’ve ever made and I’m so glad that I found a second home here in New Zealand, the most beautiful country I’ve ever seen!
Student Voice   Henry (Jun-Yan)          Taiwan
I like all things in New Zealand. First, people in New Zealand are nice and compassionate. What’s more, my host family and my classmates are friendly and they are willing to help others. At the school, we are happy to learn and have no pressure. But what makes me really impressed is the beautiful natural scenery. I can see cattle and sheep everywhere and the mountains are spectacular. It’s amazing.
Student Voice   Haruna             Japan
I have finally gotten used to life and school over here. But it is still difficult for me to convey my feeling in English to everyone. My host family is really kind to me and always makes me happy. For example the meal is very delicious everyday and also they love Japan and Japanese food. In my free time I often go to Waihi Beach. It is very beautiful. So I love that place. I could try many things here. For example; kayaking in the sea, mountain biking, surfing, baking sweets, sky diving, watching dolphins and Maori culture. I will never forget these memories. I want to challenge myself more to do many new things.
Student Voice   Johanna                 Germany
Kia Ora

New Zealand is the most amazing country that I’ve ever seen. Not just because of the gorgeous nature, but also because of the friendly and helpful people that I meet. I am really enjoying my stay here. Living at the beach, cooking and sewing at school, going on trips, learning English and making friends on the other side of the world. If I had the choice to do anything else I would have done exactly the same and I’d recommend it to everyone else. It is really cool here and I just love it. Thank you John and Diana that you make it possible for us.