Sayo Komaki

Hello!! My name is Sayo Komaki. I’m from Osaka in Japan. This is me on the left. I live in Waihi among farms. We have cows, pigs, ducks, horses, chickens, sheep and one dog at home. In Japan I don’t have any pets. I came here to study English. I have hopes and fears. I want to speak English very well, make a lot of friends and get along well with my host family. I am afraid of bullying, but there has not been any yet.
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My Time in Waihi, Hello my name is Quirin Vogel and I am 16 years old. Currently I am at the end of my two terms stay in New Zealand.

The 6 months I spent here can be described with one word only: fantastic. From the first hours, where Mr. Trotter picked me up from the airport in Tauranga and bought me a toothbrush because my luggage hadn't arrived yet ,until my final days where I had to say goodbye to a lot of students, I always felt a very strong sense of acceptance and friendliness from the Kiwis.

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The best thing I ever did! Hello, I am Nathanael Stolte and I am 16 years old. I came from Berlin, the capital of Germany, half around the globe to be a student at Waihi College.  I chose Waihi, because it is a small town and probably typical for New Zealand, this beautiful country.

I really enjoyed my time in NZ. Some of my highlights were my trip to South Island, the extremely exciting bungy jump. Some other nice trips I did were the outdoor education trips (Tongariro crossing, Kayaking at Lake Tarawera and the Kauaeranga Valley tramp.

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Hi! My name is Michiko. I'm from Osaka. I like animals and nature.

My hobby is to play volleyball. When I was a junior high school, I joined the volleyball club. I decided to study abroad because I it has always been my dream.

I owe thanks to my family, because they supported me and helped me realise my dream. I feel that if I can learn English well, it will help me with university and getting a job.
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Student Voice
Kia Ora my name is Luci and I come from a little city in the South of Germany called Reutlingen. I decided to go to NZ cause everybody who has been to NZ yet told me it would be the most amazing country.
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I’m one of the Swiss girls of the exchangies 2010 and my name is Livia Hochstrasser. Switzerland is my home and I will turn 18 this year. One of my biggest interests is gymnastics. I’m here for half a year so I will leave in July.

There are a lot of reasons why I’m doing an exchange programme. First of all I want to improve my English. I want to get to know a different culture and meet new people from all over the world. I decided to go to the otherside of the world because a lot of friends told me about the fascinating nature, the interesting culture and the nice accent of New Zealand.

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Hello =)
No, I'm not from China and I'm also not from Germany. I'm a real Swiss girl, maybe the first at this school since a long time ;) my name is Lena Rhonheimer, even if you can't say my given name though. I'm now 17 years old and more than happy with my decision to go to New Zealand. But first I will tell you something about me...

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Hi! My name is Kohei. I`m from Osaka, it`s a part of Japan. Osaka is pretty big city. There are about 8.8 million people in Osaka. Before I came N.Z.,I didn`t know much about N.Z..But now I know a lot of things about N.Z. and N.Z. people.

N.Z. is beautiful country, and I have experienced a lot of new things.(like eight ball, surfing) A lot of N.Z. people are friendly to me. Some of them are interesting, and are kind. I like all of them! I could meet a lot of over seas students.(German, French, Belgium, Italian, Brazilian, Dutch) I get along well with them. I also like all of them!! I learn a lot of new things from all of them. I also want to tell them about Japan(Japanese culture or food etc....)

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Hello, my name is Jana and I’m from Germany, like international students here in New Zealand. My nine months are almost over but I really don’t want to leave. It has been my best year so far!

I had such a great time here; I still remember my first days in Waihi. Everything was new and I was excited by all the new impressions, but after living for almost one year in New Zealand it really feels like home.
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Hello everybody, My name is Franziska and I am 16 years old. I come from Hamburg, that’s in the north of Germany. I will be at Waihi College for 9 months and I will be in year 12. For these 9 months I will live at Waihi Beach.

The are some reasons why I choose New Zealand. At first there is of course the amazing  landscape.  I saw some pictures of it in magazines or in the TV and they were wonderful. So I thought that I like to go there. The next reason is that I heart  from some of my friends, who were in New Zealand, only positive things about their time here. They said that the people are very friendly and open and they help to make your start very easy and to have a great time. So I think that New Zealand is the ideal country for me to go. I like it also, because it is the country, which is the furthest country from my home, so that it is really something special to go there for a long time.

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