Hi guys, I’m Francesco Lorini, knows as "Checco"and in New Zealand as "Chico". I’m from Padua, a small city near Venice on the North East of Italy. I’m 17 years old and I’m attending the year 13 of Waihi College.

I decided to come in New Zealand because it’s a fantastic green country (I’m realizing now why it’s so green: it’s often raining!) and of course because you play the best rugby in the world and I love rugby, I’m also practising it with Waihi College.

I like motorbikes, in Italy I have a motocross and I enjoy to ride it, but in New Zealand I’m not allowed to drive anything with the engine because if I have an accident the insurance doesn’t cover...and it sucks!

I love New Zealand lifestyle because it’s more relax than the Italian one and I love this school’s system: it’s easier then the Italian one, you can choose your subjects.

Of course I choose most of the subjects that I’ve never done before like woodwork, outdoor education and photography! Here in New Zealand I live at the Beach and it’s amazing!

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