Learning Philosophy

The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) places a significant focus on the overt development and teaching of values and competencies to produce students’ who are Confident, Connected, Actively involved and Lifelong learners who can cope and succeed with the world of the future.
Waihi College has adopted a learning philosophy which we feel best suits the needs of the students in our community and the intent of the NZC.
It is our belief that students learn best when they understand how they learn and are able to use their daily experiences to help them make sense of the knowledge and skills of different contexts in ways that are connected, real and relevant to their lives.
A two year cycle of Key Learning Themes form the basis of the Connected Curriculum programme. Each learning area (Arts, English, Mathematics, Physical Education and Health, Social Studies, Science and Technology) contributes to ‘Rich Question’ and helps students to understand the connections between the specialist knowledge of the Learning Area and the connected tasks. There is a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy.
The Connected Curriculum philosophy guides all aspects of our programmes in the Year 7-10 area of the school.
Our philosophy in the senior area of the school is to provide pathways for all students to achieve to their highest potential. NCEA is the National assessment system and vocational and life skills pathways are also available for students who do not have an academic focus. All students are challenged to aim high and achieve excellence.
If you would like to know more about the different courses available and the possible learning pathways please feel free to contact the school. We are more than happy to talk.


The philosophy of the year 7&8 area is to prepared students to gain skills to not only succeed academically in later years at Waihi College but also to encourage them all to be prepared to “have a go” at new challenges and activities. It is very important that they become life -long learners with strong positive personal values.
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Year 9 and 10

The Connected Curriculum approach to teaching and learning in Years 9 and 10 looks a little different to what students experienced in Years 7 and 8. Our approach means that students move between specialist teachers and requires all the learning areas to contribute towards key understandings, to make links between their subject and what is taught and learnt in other subjects. We believe that students “seeing” connections between the subject areas enables them to make sense of their learning and therefore better able to understand and apply the concepts. We believe that this philosophy is an integral part of the New Zealand Curriculum and work to embrace the key competencies, values and principles embedded in it.
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Year 11, 12 and 13

Ka tangi te titi
Ka tangi te
Ka tangi hoki maatou
Tihei mauriora
Ko Pukewa te maunga
Ko Ohinemuri te awa
Ko Ngati Waihihi te iwi
Ko te kura tua rua o Waihi too maatou kura
Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena taatou katoa
 Strategic Intentions   Regular Practice    Achievements    From the Team
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