Memphis Centre

Set in the heart of the college, the Memphis Centre is a purpose built classroom that provides a safe and nurturing environment for our students with special learning needs.

The students in the Memphis Centre at Waihi College are all O.R.R.S. funded. Based in our classroom, the students are able to attend classes around the college. They take an active part in all aspects of college life – sports days, spirit days, and cultural events.

Each student follows an individual programme that is based on their IEP’s.As senior students they create a P.A.T.H. – a visual record of their plans for the future. The teacher aides are available to support the students in these classes and to work alongside them in our room.                                                                                                                                 

A major focus in our centre is for our students to develop their life skills. All our students are enrolled in the S.P.E.C. programme. Senior students are involved around our local community in a variety of jobs. Work experience is an important skill for our seniors. We have students working up at our college farm and students who do a weekly grocery shop and have to make their own morning tea and lunch for the week, while working within a budget.

We are enrolled in the Special Olympics programme and regularly take part with other schools in a variety of sports events.