The People

Waihi College is a place full of amazing people. Here are the leaders that contribute to the Waihi College whanaū / family.

Senior Leadership:

Default AvatarAlistair Cochrane

Default AvatarJo Howell
Deputy Principal

Default AvatarDarren van de Wetering
Deputy Principal

Default AvatarMichael Hallet
Deputy Principal

Learning Leaders:

Default AvatarJennifer Cochrane
Years 7 - 8

Default AvatarDot Carter
Years 9 -10

Default AvatarKate Morely
Years 11, 12 and 13


Default AvatarShannon Smith
Year 7 - 8 Te Arawa

Default AvatarJennifer Cochrane
Year 7 - 8 Tainui

Default AvatarKarl Budgen
Year 9

Default AvatarMichael Wallace
Year 10

Default AvatarHannah Gifford
Year 11

Default AvatarJesse Webb
Year 12

Default AvatarCarolyn Graveson
Year 13

Student Leaders

The student leaders at Waihi College play a major role in shaping the school, its culture and future. Our leaders impact student life, organise activities, events, competitions, fundraisers, school operations, decision making and support students of all ages.

AmyAmy Magyar
Head Girl

AdianAidan Roycroft
Head Boy

JamieJamie Mudford
Deputy Head Girl

MahonriMahonri Koopu
Deputy Head Boy

HollyHolly Elson Fisher
Academic Leader

IndiaIndia Pool
Cultural Leader

LeahLeah Butterworth
Sports Leader

LucyLucy Keall
Service Leader