Health Services

There are a wide range of health services available at Waihi College. There is a doctor, two school councellors and a drug and alcohol counsellor.
The doctor is available at school every Monday from 1-2 pm for any health issues you may have. There are appointment slips available outside the counsellor’s office or just turn up on the day.
The drug and alcohol counsellor is available every Thursday for any problems you may have regarding drugs, alcohol or addiction. There are appointment slips available outside the counsellor’s office or see Rachel Shaw on Thursday morning to make an appointment.
There are also two school counsellors. A male and female counsellor so you can choose who you want to go to for whatever preference you may have. They are there to talk to you about anything you need help with. There are appointment slips available outside the counsellor’s office.
The counsellor’s office is located by the hall, on the opposite side from the staff room near the tree of life as shown in the map below.

  Appointment times

        Dr Suzanne Greaves                                                                                     Rachel Shaw
      Monday 1.00 - 2.00PM                                                                                    Thursdays
                Roger Hunt                                                                                          Althea Ormsby
Monday to Friday (any time)                                                         Monday and Thursdays (any time)

  Where to find these people   


LInks to other Health Services


S.A.D.D Expo

SADD - Students Against Drunk Driving  

Over the past week at school the SADD Committee has been active, leaving visual messages around school with the ‘Drive, Drive, Die’ message.  This year’s campaign concluded with a visit by Year 11 students to an expo in Thames.  Two teenagers suffered critical injuries, two minor and one lost his life in the mock crash at the expo, designed to show teenagers the graphic reality of what happens when they mix alcohol and driving.
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