Haere mai! Talitali fiefia! Afio mai!

Welcome to Waihi College

Students who attend Waihi College are given many opportunities to participate in a wide array of educational programmes, activities, events and experiences. Management, staff and students are devoted to the educational needs of our unique rural community and are committed to maintaining a caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere. We are the Waihi College whānau because when you are a part of Waihi College, you are part of our family. Come in, take a look around and strive to achieve your goals.

Key Dates 2020:

Monday 27th January Auckland Anniversary
Tuesday 28th January Y13 Camp
Wednesday 29th January Y13 Camp
Thursday 30th January

Y13 Camp Ends

Y8-10 Start

Friday 31st January Y7 Start with Powhiri
Monday 3rd February Y11-13 Start
Tuesday 4th February Full School
Wednesday 5th February Waitangi Day
Thursday 6th February Full School
Friday 7th February Full School



Anzac Day


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Year 7 in the Waka

Outdoor Education

Year 7 Day 1

Students in class