About Waihi College

We pride ourselves on being a school that prepares the young men and women of the Waihi community for their future. Our aim is to produce confident, connected, life-long learners who are active contributors to the wellbeing of our community and to New Zealand.
Our students achieve excellent academic and personal success in a wide variety of endeavours. We produce students who, as they grow into adults are able to make informed considered decisions that make them valuable contributing members of society.
Our school offers a broad curriculum (both in and out of the classroom) to meet the needs of our diverse range of students. Our students are challenged academically in a context of learner-centred education with a strong focus on connecting the Curriculum across the traditional learning areas.
I invite you to find out more about our school on this website and to join our vibrant learning community that provides an excellent education for your sons/daughters.
Alistair Cochrane
Alistair Cochrane